Feb 6, 2009

Entertainment - India;Will Sony lock in KBC ?

That's the million dollar question doing the rounds of media circles these days . Apparently, the buzz is that Star has not renewed its contract with Celador – the creator of the format . And that Sony is likely to grab it and air the show in a new avatar.
A source says, "Even if a show with KBC format launches on Sony, It will have a different face with a different title, different host and a different version."
However, MSM business head, Albert Almeida had this to say, "I am aware of such news doing the rounds but all I can say is that I can't comment on it."
MSM COO NP Singh rubbished the news. "There is no truth in a new version of KBC on Sony. It is just a figment of someone's imagination." Even CEO Kunal Dasgupta termed these reports as baseless.
Well, questions are many but the concrete answers few. It's time to make use of our lifelines.
Kaun Banega Crorepati launched in India in 2000. The first two seasons were hosted by superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Shah Rukh Khan took over as host for the third season but the show couldn't quite get the sky-high TRPs like it did in the previous seasons.
Sony has been looking for a big ticket format and since the KBC format comes under its group company umbrella speculation is that it will buy it and air it in India. (Celador International merged with 2waytraffic, which became a Sony Pictures company in 2008).

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