Jan 29, 2009

Sport - Serena divulges her secret motivation techniques

Melbourne, Jan 28 (IANS) Serena Williams is always known to be one of the toughest fighter on court. And she proved it once again with her three-set win over Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova in the quarter-final.

The Russian served for the match in the second set, yet Serena, as she so often does, prevailed.

Asked what was she thinking while trailing, Serena said: 'I was thinking, 'Okay, if you lose, you're going to fly all the way back to Florida', how uncomfortable that would be. That motivated me to do a little better,' said Williams, who could probably afford a private jet if needed but clearly likes to punish herself with self-imposed poverty.

'I would not necessarily want to go back on a 16-hour flight. I wouldn't allow myself to have the emergency row either. I would be so mad, I would have to sit like the last row, the tightest row. That way, I wouldn't do it again.'

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