Sep 13, 2008

India - Kalam's class to be webcast

AHMEDABAD: Not everybody is lucky to be in a class at Indian Institution of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), leave alone a class taken by former president. But, the internet can be a great leveller. Former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's three-and-a-half hour talk on Saturday will be webcast and everyone can be in his virtual class real time on the institute's official website. "We decided to do this because we did not want to restrict Kalam only to our class and the participants who got selected. Since we could not accommodate more, we have a lot of students on campus as well who are not a part of this course. With this, even they and all the people outside can be a part of this lecture," said general secretary of students' council Srijan Pal Singh. Security personnel sanitised the campus on Friday and swarmed it before Kalam arrived. Access to the campus was restricted and special passes issued for people who need to be there on Saturday.

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