Sep 5, 2008

World - Brothel Industry taking over London

Prostitutes selling sex for as little as £15
LONDON: Prostitutes in London are offering full sex for just £15, according to a report which said it showed the “disturbing prevalence” of the sex industry in the capital. The Poppy Project, a charity that works with trafficked women, surveyed more than 900 brothels and found many offered high-risk “services” including unprotected sex for an additional payment of just £10. It also found that women from 75 ethnic backgrounds worked as prostitutes.
Researchers posing as clients phoned some 921 brothels which advertised in local newspapers and discovered that many of the women came from well-known trafficking hotspots such as eastern Europe and Asia.
The average age of prostitutes was 21, but a number of brothels offered “very young girls” though they did not admit to having underage girls, the report said. It also found that 63% of London’s brothels were located in private houses and flats.
“This research shows the prevalence of the sex industry in every corner of London, fuelled by the demand for prostitution services,” said Helen Atkins, co-author of the report. “Multi-media misrepresentations of commercial sex as a glamourous, easy career choice for girls contribute to London’s brothel industry.”

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