Sep 5, 2008

World - Europe destination next for Indian workers,professionals

NEW DELHI: With the government pushing for a bilateral labour mobility agreement, Indian professionals and workers may soon be headed for destinations in Eastern European countries, as 13 million job opportunities are expected to arise there. With numbers of aging population on the rise in Europe and a steady outflow of skilled workers from these countries to a more prosperous western Europe, India hopes to fill the gap with its young work force. So far the traditional choices for Indian professionals was North America and for workers it was Gulf countries. Studies by the European Union estimate on the basis of increase in production capacities and growth parameters that 13 million additional jobs will be created in Eastern Europe between years 2006-15. The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) have already signed a MoU with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) for implementation of an European Union sponsored project 'Regional Dialogue and Programme on Facilitating Managed and Legal Migration between Asia and the European Union (EU)'. "Labour supply gaps in the EU states have been identified in certain key sectors like construction, health, hospitality, Pharma and IT. Also an India-EU Free Trade agreement which is on the cards shortly will provide a natural corollary for supporting movement of Indian workers and professionals," said a top MOIA official.

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