Oct 24, 2008

Business - Now,chocolate from camel milk

Dubai: Al Nassma, claimed as the world’s first camel-milk chocolate, has been officially launched in Dubai.

Al Nassma, which in Arabic means cool desert breeze, is seen as a significant development for the United Arab Emirates’ camel milk industry as demand from the chocolate manufacturers is set to create demand for more of it.

“We want to create a brand which has international importance. I believe this product has the power to become the sweet ambassador of Arabia born in Dubai,” Johann George Hochleitner, the man behind the idea, was quoted as saying by Abu Dhabi’s The National.

Mr. Hochleitner, who has created chocolate from sheep and goat milk, spent two years travelling as far as Libya and Kazakhstan looking for a suitable camel milk producer. He finally found Dubai’s Camelicious. It took another two years to develop the product line.

The chocolate is made from Camelicious’ camel milk powder. Although a traditional staple for the Bedouin, camel milk is not produced on a large scale in the UAE. There are only two camel farms in the country, and fresh milk continues to be a niche product. Camel milk is produced in many countries in West Asia and North Africa, but only Dubai has a facility to make chocolate. — PTI

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