Oct 25, 2008

Lifestyle - US;Palin,McCain spent $52,000 on makeup

After Sarah Palin came under scrutiny for her wardrobe expenses, new details have emerged, which show that US Republican presidential candidate John McCain's campaign paid 3 makeup artists a total of $52,000 over 6 weeks.

According to records filed with the Federal Election Commission, the McCain campaign paid Amy Strozzi, Palin’s travelling makeup artist, $22,800 for the first two weeks of October. Strozzi received $13,200 for her work in September.

Records have revealed that McCain's makeup artist, Tifanie White, received $8,512 in September and $7,368 during the first two weeks of October.

The Republican National Committee paid a third makeup artist, Tracy Thorp, $980 for work in September.

The total makeup expense for a six-week period beginning September 1 comes down to $52,000.

A spokesman for McCain-Palin, Ben Porritt, refused to discuss the makeup expenses. "Our campaign is focused on talking about the issues," the New York Daily News quoted him, as saying.

The payments to Strozzi make her the highest paid person in the McCain-Palin presidential campaign during the first half of October.

Earlier this week, records showed the Republican National Committee spent $1,50,000 - including more than $75,000 at Neiman Marcus and nearly $50,000 at Saks Fifth Avenue - to outfit Palin in designer duds.

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