Oct 3, 2008

Entertainment - Drona Movie Review

Gaurav Malani

Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Kay Kay Menon

Rating: * ½

Drona claims to derive its roots from Indian mythology but actually ends up falling in the standard template of those frequent fanciful films where the villain desires to gain immortality through magical potions and the hero (or is it superhero) has to stop him from achieving eternity. Aditya (Abhishek Bachchan) has a Harry Potter hangover being orphaned by birth and neglected by his caretakers. He actually happens to be descendent of a royal family who are entitled to safeguard Amrit (the immortality concoction) from the demons. Sonia (Priyanka Chopra) reveals Aditya his real identity of a Drona, the guardian of Amrit. Enter a madcap magician Riz Raizada (Kay Kay Menon) who is bizarre enough to create his clone and kill him, play with a puppet pair and he still keeps saying, ‘Gustakhi Maaf’ (pardon me). Alas his torment is unpardonable. While he is no Joker who matches up to The Batman, he surely is a Clown to compete with the desi-Drona. Riz has identified Drona who can lead him to Amrit. He assigns his troupe of black-robed faceless men to get hold of Drona. Drona has a female bodyguard in the form of Sonia but ironically it’s him who saves her from situations most of the times. As Drona meets his mother (Jaya Bachchan), Riz petrifies her and the son pledges to rescue momma dear amidst some Mummy styled special effects. Now Drona has to unveil secrets, fight demons, ride a horse and win the battle. Drona essentially is designed as a superhero film but sadly his superpowers seem to be nothing more than delivering punches. The film starts on a dull note and as it progresses it starts resembling an Arabian Nights fable of the 80s in the likes of Hatim Tai (to tacky effect), with a protagonist who has to overcome obstacles to complete his mission. Unfortunately the blockages in his path are so bland that the lackluster screenplay loses its audience midways. Everything from the car-chases to the sword fights have been witnessed before and don’t impress. If the cheesiness wasn’t enough, a Gandalf look-alike is added towards the end inciting unintentional humour. Abhishek Bachchan is a good actor but certainly doesn’t have the poise, polish or personality to grace a superhero. He lacks both, the bulk and the body language to carry off his larger-than-life character. Add to that, he carries a single jaded expression throughout the film much to your annoyance. Kay Kay Menon adorns a gayish and garish character and enters the league of caricatured villains. Drona keeps repeating his primary concern through the film saying, “humey shrishti ko bachna hoga”. There’s an implausible pun involved therein as I realized that the producer of this film is called Shrishti Arya. Evidently Drona’s outcome is rona.

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