Oct 3, 2008

Lifestyle - An extra-marital affair can kill you

LONDON: Men, beware! An extra-marital affair can do more than just killing your marriage -- it could kill you too, particularly if you are prone to bad headaches.
Researchers have found that the strain of juggling married life and a secret lover leads to stress and tension for the cheating partner, which can can lead to migraine pain that could cause ballooning in a blood vessel in the brain.
In their study, the researchers studied hundreds of patients across Italy who reported migraines and found that some of the worst affected were having affairs.
"What we found is that it was mostly men who suffered worst from this phenomenon, which is all to do with stress and hypertension (high blood pressure).
"It would appear that men have a more severe feeling of guilt when cheating which leads to increased stress and tension," lead researcher Lorenzo Pinessi said.
According to Pinessi, the President of the Italian Migraine Society, those who had headaches were more likely to develop migraines, and a small percentage went on to suffer fatal aneurysm.
His advice for frazzled adulterers was to "take a time-out from the affair and have a brain scan".
And, according to him, headache-prone cheats should "avoid the Karma Sutra and stick to simple sexual intercourse" to limit pressure on the heart.
"The sexual position chosen can also have affect as the more physical the more pressure on the heart -- it is probably best to avoid positions where the male is on his feet," Pinessi said.

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