Oct 3, 2008

World - Google unveils $4.4 trillion Clean Power by 2030 plan

WASHINGTON: Search engine giant Google has unveiled a $4.4 trillion plan dubbed Clean Power by 2030 that calls for all energy in the US to come from renewable sources. The web giant in a release posted on its site said: "While this plan will cost $4.4 trillion (in undiscounted 2008 dollars), it will ultimately save $5.4 trillion, delivering a net savings of $1 trillion over the life of the plan". The three basic elements of the clean energy plan are new transmission lines and policies like national renewable portfolio standard, new generation vehicles running on non-oil fuels and greater energy efficiency by installing smart meters and real time pricing.

Under the new renewable energy plan, wind power is envisioned to generate 380 gigawatt (gw) and solar power would provide 250 gw. Geothermal source of energy would produce 80 gw and is expected to take a greater role as technology gains in maturity. A gigawatt is equal to one billion watts. This unit is sometimes used with large power plants or power grids. Google also calls for more than 32,000 km of new transmission lines to support renewable energy generation. The web giant visualises 22 million plug-in vehicles by 2030 that would make up half the total estimated vehicles on American roads. Vehicles of traditional technology need to improve fuel efficiency at 72 km per gallon by 2030. "We should offer incentives to get older inefficient vehicles off the roads," it says. "When homes are equipped with smart meters and real-time pricing, research shows that energy use typically drops. Google is looking at ways that we can use our information technology and our reach to help increase awareness and bring better, real-time information to consumers," the website said. "Energy efficiency is the area where Google has been the least vocal, but could potentially offer the most support, by providing a lot of important communications data," the release said.

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