Oct 10, 2008

Entertainment - MTV Roadies mumbai audition now online

MUMBAI: MTV Hero Honda Roadies auditions in Mumbai that were scheduled for 12th October have been cancelled. The auditions are now online, log on to mtvindia.com/roadies to register.

No more waiting in long never ending lines or getting roasted and fried in the scorching sun, the ‘MTV Hero Honda Roadies: Hell Down Under’ auditions are now just a click away! Yes, MTV has just moved hell into your computer! While on ground auditions in Mumbai have been cancelled, auditions will now take place online. All you need to do is log on, fill in a simple application form, upload a picture or a video of yourself and get ready for hell down under. Just log on to www.mtvindia.com/roadies for details.

Hungry sharks, lonely deserts, venomous spiders and snakes, ferocious crocodiles and treacherous reefs! MTV Hero Honda Roadies is going all the way down under to Australia. Tougher, meaner and bigger seem distant words as MTV Hero Honda Roadies promises to leave you rattled! Don’t miss your chance to out do your nightmares and experience hell, log on now.

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