Oct 10, 2008

Entertainment - Vir Sanghvi to discover Asian Lifestyles on Discovery T&L

Well-known newspaper editor, columnist, television anchor and food guru Vir Sanghvi will be presenting a new series on the distinctive Asian lifestyles on Discovery Travel & Living. The series, expected to air in 2009, will host a freewheeling journey across Asia bringing viewers stories that highlight pan Asian cuisine, drinks and destinations.

Rahul Johri, SVP & General Manager - India, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific, said, “With rising interest in Indian viewers to experience the varied and enchanting Asian lifestyles, we feel it is an opportune time to present its contrasting and complementary luxuries. With Vir’s interpretation of the emerging lifestyle trends, the story telling becomes all the more entertaining and engaging.”

Travelling the entire expanse of Asia, including India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Bali and Malaysia, Sanghvi will showcase the continent’s lifestyles ranging from its beautiful spas and massages to grand heritage and boutique hotels to delectable cuisines and variety of drinks.

Speaking about his second series on Discovery Travel & Living, Sanghvi said, “My first series gave viewers a glimpse of India. This second series will show the world the wonders of Asia. Discovery Travel & Living is an ideal platform to reach out to the aspirations of the discerning Indian viewer.”

In his earlier series, ‘A Matter of Taste with Vir Sanghvi’, viewers got to travel the country to discover what really makes the Indian mouth water. Exploring the country’s kitchens to discover the finest in Indian food and drink, Sanghvi debunked myths, championed theories and sprinkled it all with his trademark wit and sarcasm on the culinary journey.

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