Oct 10, 2008

India - Postal Money order logs on to electronic mode

NEW DELHI: The Department of Posts on Friday announced that it has switched over to electronic transmission of Money Order for faster remittance of
money to its customers.

It aims to provide more efficient and improved quality of service to customers, said a press release. Electronic Money Order (eMO) would help the department to improve the quality of service to customers, without any extra cost.

Around 2500 post offices all over the country have switched over to electronic transmission of money orders. The system would also reduce transmission of vouchers from one place to another and provide for centralized information system on the money order service, said a press release.

The booking facilities of electronic money order (eMO) would be available in a phased manner from post offices where wide area connectivity or broadband connectivity is available, it said.

The connected post office would book money orders electronically for other connected post offices and for post offices in account with them, thereby doing away with physical movement of the Money Order forms.

It would be done using a different form with pre-de fined message codes and would have tariff and limits of remittance similar to that of ordinary money order.

A trial on money order software was earlier taken up at New Delhi HO, Bangalore GPO, Mysore HO, Indore GPO and Tiruchirapalli HO. EMOs can be paid at all offices including Branch Post Offices and the date of payment would be uploaded in the central server by connected post office.

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