Oct 10, 2008

Lifestyle - 10 bedroom must-haves (Fun Read)

Tired of boredom in your bedroom? Wanting to add a dash of adventure to your sex sessions? Maybe it's time you converted your bedroom into a veritab10 bedroom must-haves! (Getty Images)
le Garden of Eden to add that sizzle between the sheets.

We bring to you a list of top 10 props, which are a must have in every couple's bedroom.

So get started collecting these love essentials and you could be in for some real hot action tonight.

1. Passion oils: Those unaware about the power of fragrances must know that right kind of smell works as a magical mood setter driving passion to new heights. So, a few essential passion oils in your bedroom are unavoidable so that they help you remain surcharged at all moments.

"Natural scents present in aroma oils are of key importance when it comes to heightening sexual attraction. Some scents are overpoweringly arousing aphrodisiacs for women, while others are good enough to bewitch even the most sober of men," explains Dr. Naresh Arora of Chase Aroma Therapy.

Some of the most effective passion oils are: Ylang Ylang, Rose otto, Jasmine, Neroli and Orange blossom. A drop in the diffuser, a sensuous massage or an utterly romantic bath with these passion oils is what you need to spark a night full of action!

2. A blindfold: Big or small – the excitement caused by blindfolding your lover can perk up the adrenaline rush. Add to it the feel of a satiny-silk cloth blind-folding your eyes and the thrill of touching and feeling your lover in all the unexplored places of his body.

You can also play hide and seek and various other tantalising love games using a blind-fold in the most sensuous manner. So go ahead and blindfold your partner to expose him to a sight they've never experienced before.

3. Handcuffs and silk scarves: If you lay your hands on a handcuff, nothing like it...else silk and satin scarves can also be a sensuous help to pep up the temperature. The purpose here is to have soft ties for bondage during foreplay or sex. Just turn your partner into your slave by handcuffing him/her to the bed or simply tying their limbs with something as soft and sexy as a silk scarf.

Being restrained and then loved can multiply the passion manifolds. "I find it really erotic to see my man writhing, struggling and moaning when I get naughty with him as he remains totally under my control, which happens only when I tie him up," says Neerja Mehendiratta, a 27-years-old advertising professional.

Being helpless is definitely pleasurable, even for your partner who's enjoying the mild domination. Either way, it's a win-win situation for both the partners, which adds to the sex experience.

4. A feather or a soft brush: Make your beau your sex slave and convert a mundane love making ritual into a heady passion play. Your partner is at your disposal and you have nothing but your hands to work with. Get into the experiment mode and use a soft brush to paint erotic love strokes on his chest, trunk, back...and anywhere that leaves him panting...tickling...and begging for more!

Arrange for a soft feather and let the playful touch therapy make him lose his senses to you. Men can use the feather to give a sensuous foot massage to their lady love and watch her writhe with pleasure. Or use it on her navel to turn her to new heights of pleasure.

5. Erotica: Forget those erotic movies and check out the nearest book store for sensuous erotica. Listening to your girl reading out pleasur10 bedroom must-haves! (Getty Images)
e commentary of another couple in action will be a sure shot stimulus for you to put your mind in active mode. "Reading erotica can be a very powerful trigger to fire-up passion.

While it is true that majority of women would rather read erotica and the majority of men would prefer watching it, erotic stories can stir desire and heighten arousal in both genders. Just reading erotica can help you explore your boundaries in a safe and comfortable way," explains sexologist Shivi Jaggi. What more...make her sit in your lap and read, while you can transform her words into hot action! What say?

6. Mirror magic: Of course a full size mirror is a great help while dressing-up. But how about adding a sexual twist? The next time you are making out, position yourself in front of a full size mirror and watch each other undress and indulge in wild moves. The result is bound to be far more rewarding.

Place the mirror strategically in front of the bed and be an audience to your own sexapades, just like 38 year-old, Bhaskar Mahendroo does. "I just love watching me and my partner make out in the mirror. I started the practice four years ago when boredom and monotony had gripped my sexual life, and it worked...it brought an element of voyeuristic adventure and we enjoy it a lot," he claims.

7. Sexy surprises: Anything as sudden like a lustful quickie in the bath tub or an unannounced love note claiming, "You win to undress me tonight!" is a great passion booster. Taking your lover by surprise is a rewarding experience. Tuck in a love note that says – 'get a six on the love dice and you win to live your most cherished sexual fantasy', will simply take your beau to seventh heaven. It's all about how good are you at imagining...wilder the better!

8. Musical mirage: "Music has the prowess to power your bedroom with the right ambience required to stimulate passion and fervour into your love arena," says sexologist Shivi Jaggi. Begin with matching steps on your favourite love song, mind you—distance not allowed here, so get real close. Keep cuddling and pampering each other till you can't resist one another.

We assure you it won't take long before you hit the bed. Some provocative songs we suggest are: Boyz II Men's I'll make love to you , Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack's Tonight I celebrate my love , Savage Garden's - Truly madly deeply and Celine Dion's My heart will go on.

9. Sex toys & lubricants: These are handy nick-knacks in the love game. "A high quality lubricant adds a whole new dimension to the sensations you experience during a sex session. To play it safe, stick to water based lubes wherever possible," suggests Dr. S.K Rai. And if you are thinking that sex toys are meant only for solo fun...think again! All you need to do is use your imagination and they'll come handy when you are eyeing at some fun strokes together.

10. Erotic edibles: Not in the bedroom, but in the fridge for sure! We suggest that you keep your fridge stocked with food that's not just delectable to eat, but yummier to play with. Creams, yogurts, jams, jellies, sauces, ice-creams, honey etc. taste even better when you lick them on your partner's hot bod. Not just this, they are tried and tested aphrodisiacs as well. You can even hand feed each other to get the love feast started.

A note of advice: To keep these love essentials away from the prying eyes of the other inmates of your home, especially kids (if any), keep them tucked away in a 'treasure chest'. Not only will it be fun to fill it...but exciting as well...as you put each of your collectibles to the best use possible! So, keep collecting and keep loving!

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