Nov 29, 2008

Entertainment - Britney suffers from Bulimia

Troubled pop star Britney Spears is battling an eating disorder, one of her bodyguards has allegedly revealed.

According to the 'minder', the 'Toxic' singer, who recently showed off her newly toned figure, which she claims, is down to a healthy eating and fitness regime, has been abusing laxatives and vomiting after meals, reports 'China Daily'.

"Britney's diet consists mostly of Taco Bell and turkey jerky washed down with Red Bull," a source close to one of Britney''s bodyguards told America''s Star magazine

"She throws up after meals, both at home and at restaurants and she isn''t very discreet about it. People around her think she's bulimic," the source added.

It is also believed that the 26-year-old diva is taking diet pills to maintain her slender shape.

"The pills are like diuretics. She has to go to the bathroom constantly. It just runs right through her," said another insider.

"And everyone knows she still throws up when she's eaten too much. You can smell it in the bathroom," the insider added.

It has been previously revealed that Britney is suffering from bulimorexia, an eating disorder which sees her both starving herself and then bingeing and making herself sick.

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