Nov 28, 2008

India - Two terrorists captured are British nationals: Reports

British newspaper, Daily Mail, has reported that two of the terrorists captured by Indian security forces are British nationals of Pakistani origin.

Attributing to sources in the Maharashtra government, the paper claimed that as many as eight terrorists were captured by the National Security Guards (NSG) commandos during the raids on Taj and Oberoi-Trident hotels.

Among the captured two happened to be British born Pakistanis

The Daily Mail also said that the British Security Services were studying images of the attackers that have appeared in the media in an effort to identify them.

The British Prime minister Gordon Brown meanwhile said on Friday it was 'too early' to reach any conclusions about British involvement.

The paper also reports that as many as nine terrorists have been confirmed killed in gun battles with the NSG, which were still ongoing today.

Daily Mail’s report further elaborated that three terrorists arrested at the Taj Mahal hotel have been officially identified as a Pakistani national and two Indians.

It claimed that the Indian authorities have not released any details about the two Britons and the Foreign Office has refused to confirm.

However, a team of Scotland Yard anti-terrorist detectives and negotiators are now on their way to Mumbai to assist the Indian intelligence officers. Interstingly, another of the detainees is reported to be a Mauritian national.

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