Nov 29, 2008

Entertainment - India;Dead end for 9X shows

If sources are to be believed then most shows on 9X have reached a dead end. The channel which has been facing grave financial losses is the only channel which will not have any fresh content from Monday. Though things have eased out after the strike and the respective parties have smoked the peace pipe, in the case of 9X the impasse still continues. Unconfirmed reports talk of all things not well in the channel. It is no secret that the channel has been looking for a fresh round of funding but has as yet failed to attract investors. And until that happens no new content will go up nor have the existing shows been given the green signal to continue with their shooting. In fact most of their shows are tipped to go off air pre-maturely. It is also reported that the channel is on the verge of collapse because of boring shows which gave way to bad TRPs.

First it was Gajendrra Siingh’s reality show Chak De – Shaher Di Kudiyan Te Galli De Gunde that was axed abruptly and now the latest buzz is that the channel has asked all the production houses to shut down their shows on the channel.

A source from Kissmet Ka Khel informs, “The channel has asked Bonnie Jain, producer Bonnie Jain productions, to shut down his fiction show Kissmet Ka Khel and his other fiction show Ajeeb too ended abruptly. We are pinning down our hopes on the non-fiction show Jalwa 4 2 Ka 1 and we think the channel will air the fresh episodes of Jalwa 4 2 Ka 1 probably from 15th of December. The fate of the show will be decided in the first week of December.”

“Even their dream project, a fiction show based on Indira Gandhi is shelved. The channel is facing a major financial crunch. Even before the strike it was decided by the channel that for a couple of months they would show only re-runs of their shows and thus all the shows which were to start were put on hold,” adds our source.

Bonnie Jain, producer Bonnie Jain Productions, “We have not been communicated by the channel about the fate of our shows as yet. Post the strike I think no shows on 9X have commenced their shooting and I am awaiting further communication from the channel.”

Another well-placed source from the industry tells us, “The channel is approaching production houses to buy time slots. The production houses have been given a notice which states that the channel will communicate to them as to when they are supposed to resume shooting of their shows. One is still awaiting this communication.”

A source from Rubi informs, “I knew this for a month that the show will go off-air but noone had confirmed it to me. But going by the current situation I think the show indeed is going off-air.”

Rajesh Chadha, Head of Operations B.A.G Films, refused to comment on it.

A source from Balaji Telefilms informs, “Both Balaji shows Kya Dill Mein Hai and Mahaabhaarat are on hold as the channel has not asked us to start the shooting of the shows. We have been asked to hold our shows for the next 7 days.”

We do hope that the channel manages to pull itself out of the current mess and viewers get to see better and bigger shows.

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