Dec 27, 2008

Business - Railways to float entertainment tenders

MUMBAI: The Indian railway ministry has asked all its zonal offices to call for bids through tenders for providing entertainment services on its moving trains nationally. The ministry, according to a report in a national daily, says those pitching to get the contract will have to provide hardware, networking and communication to be able to telecast the programmes and entertainment on board the trains.

The ministry additionally says that it will permit the players to use existing railway infrastructure such as its communication network, its stations to install hardware in order to be able to telecast live or delayed programming to railway passengers.

Players successful in getting the contract will be allowed to sell commercial airtime between the programmes to amortize their costs. Additionally, they could also offer also value-added services like telephony, Internet access, satellite radio and taxi and hotel booking to passengers on moving trains, the railway minsitry has said.

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