Dec 27, 2008

Tech - LG Flips Display Modes; Saves 75% More Power

LG Display has announced the development of a 14.1-inch LCD panel for notebooks that can quickly switch from reflective to transmissive mode depending on the ambient lighting.

It makes use of the "Backlight Data Signal Switching Technology" which uses reflection plates on backlight panels. According to LG, this is the first LCD panel that's able to switch quickly from reflective mode in an environment with bright ambient light and transmissive mode when ambient lighting is dim such as indoors or during nighttime.

You need to toggle between modes yourself by pushing on a button, but it's all worth what little effort you put into to as using the transmissive mode can cut off 75 percent of the usual consumption by LCD panels of the same size.

Aside from the obvious savings in electric consumption, LG's LCD panel also provides 9:1 contrast ratio under bright sunlight when conventional LCD panels show 2:1 to 3:1 contrast ratio. LG's new sunlight-illuminated 14.1-inch LCD display for notebooks will be showcased during the Consumer Electronics Show 2009.

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