Dec 13, 2008

Entertainment - Kareena Kapoor faints,says no to size zero

Subhash K Jha

Size zero is out for actress Kareena Kapoor. And certainly after collapsing on the sets on Rensil D'Silva's untitled film. In her next release, Kambakht Ishq, she plays a surgeon who moonlights as a supermodel and for it she has put on extra pounds.

"I weigh 54 kg now, which for a girl of my height is quite fine. People used to wonder what 'size zero' is and I'd joke, 'Just look at me'. I don't want that any more. I want to look like a normal healthy girl. My forthcoming releases required me to get back to a fuller shape," said Kareena, who sported size zero in Tashan and Golmaal Returns.

"In Kambakht Ishq, my character flies to Italy to become a supermodel to support herself financially. I didn't want to play the character looking like an international model because she's basically in another profession. So she can't really have the figure of Victoria Beckham, can she? I had to look more filled up," she told IANS.

In Mr & Mrs Khanna too, Kareena is sporting the same look.

"Again, for my next release Mr & Mrs Khanna with Salman Khan, I play a wife. So I wanted to look more filled up. Not that wives can't be curvaceous. The one I played in Golmaal Returns certainly was," she said.

(With inputs from Agencies)

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