Dec 10, 2008

World - Pakistan nuclear scientist to reveal all

ISLAMABAD: A new documentary on disgraced Pakistani scientist A Q Khan, under house arrest for the past four years after admitting to nuclear proliferation, will reveal former President Pervez Musharraf's reasons for detaining him.

The documentary, being made by the Jang media group and the Geo News channel, will focus on the life and achievements of Khan. The film will be "full of disclosures about the restrictions imposed" on the scientist, the media group said Tuesday.

Khan will appear in the documentary to give details of the reasons why he has been detained and subjected to "constant stress and pain".

Experts, scientists and politicians will also provide their views in the film.

Khan was confined to his home in Islamabad after he confessed on state-run television to running a proliferation network that supplied nuclear equipment and know-how to
several countries, including North Korea and Libya.

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