Dec 10, 2008

Tech - ComiXology comic book app released for iPhone

ComiXology has released ComiXology for the iPhone and iPod touch, available for purchase and download from the App Store for $3.99.

ComiXology is a Web site chock full of information about the comic book market. Designed to appeal to comic book enthusiasts looking detailed information about their favorite titles and hoping to discover new publications that interest them, the site features new release info, along with social networking capabilities like blogs, weekly columns and user ratings.

The ComiXology iPhone app extends that capability to iPhone and iPod touch users as a native app rather than a Web interface. It lets you browse all comics shipping from publishers including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, IDW and other independents. It lets you review descriptions and covers for three weeks’ worth of publications — this week, last week and next week.

You can also preview pages from many comics each week, “pull” comic books, read articles, listen to a weekly podcast, discover new comics by reviewing comics pulled by others, and keep comic listings, covers and your pull list on your iPhone even without a network connection.

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