Dec 13, 2008

India - Taj hotel to reopen Dec 21

MUMBAI: The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower Hotel announced on Saturday that it will reopen Dec 21, exactly 25 days after it was targeted by terrorists
who India says came from Pakistan.

Indian Hotels Co Ltd managing director and CEO Raymond Bickson said in a statement here: "We dedicate our reopening to the city of Mumbai as affirmation of the values of courage, resilience and dignity."

Bickson said that reopening the Taj with such speed displayed the management's resolve to commemorate "all the innocent and brave people who lost their lives" in the terrorist attacks.

The Tower section of the hotel, close to the landmark Gateway of India, will resume normal operations from 7 pm Dec 21, he said.

Ten staffers of the Taj, which was under siege for nearly 60 hours Nov 26-29, were killed and another 11 injured.

Taj was one of the 13 locations in south Mumbai attacked by terrorists which left 179 people dead including 26 foreign nationals and another 294 people injured.

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