Dec 6, 2008

Entertainment - Priests sign 1.4M pounds record deal

Melbourne, Dec 5 (ANI): Three middle-aged Irishmen who called themselves the Priests, and signed a 1.4million pounds record deal, released their self-titled debut album in Britain two weeks ago.

The album by Eugene O'Hagan, his younger brother Martin, and their long-time friend David Delargy has entered the charts at No5, and it was released in Australia this week.

O'Hagan, who runs his parish of Ballyclare and Ballygowan in Northern Ireland, is very humble with the prospect of landing at the top of the British album charts.

"If that happens it will be another little miracle," the Australian quoted him as saying.

"We'll live with it if we are and we'll live it if we're not. We'll just be happy if people enjoy the record.

"It's a bit unusual and unexpected," O'Hagan said of their sudden fame.

"It's exciting and bewildering, too. It's not something we do every day of our lives but we're getting used to it," he added. (ANI)

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