Dec 5, 2008

India - Movies;Distraught Rahman off

Prithwish Ganguly

Shocked at the untimely death of his friend H Sridhar, the music maestro packs off for a break in the US.

AR Rahman has been so shaken up by his friend H Sridhar’s death that he has packed his bag and headed off to New York to spend some time away from Chennai. A friend close to the composer says that neither can Rahman enter his recording studio where he has composed several songs in Sridhar’s company nor can he concentrate on any other thing after the sudden demise of the four-time national-award winning 48-year-old sound engineer.

“Rahman has been shattered. Sridhar was absolutely fine, working with Rahman till the last day on the music of Ghajini. Nobody expected him to pass away at such a young age,” said the friend.

He adds: “He can’t enter the recording studio in which they were working. For three days, Rahman hasn’t spoken much. He is completely in a state of shock. They have been dear friends for more than a decade. Rahman has packed his bags and is off to New York. He, it seems, wants to stay away from the place where he has spent so much time with his friend. It is good for him as it will keep him a distracted.”

Rahman and Sridhar have worked in films like Rangeela, Dil Se, Lagaan, Guru, Mangal Pandey, Roja and Bombay.

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