Dec 20, 2008

Entertainment - Tom Cruise's son makes his debut in Seven Pounds

LONDON: Actor Tom Cruise's son Connor Cruise is following his father's footsteps closely.

The 13-year-old Connor has made his acting debut in Seven Pounds which opens in theatres on Friday, six days before his father's latest film Valkyrie hits the cinemas.

The adopted son of Cruise and former wife Nicole Kidman has made his debut in Cruise's good friend Will Smith's movie, 'The Telegraph' reported.

But where Connor's role is limited to a few lines, his father is the star of Valkyrie, the story of how some German officers tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Cruise, recently said in an interview that he had been anxious not to put his children under pressure to become actors.

"Who knows what he's going to do?" he had said. "He's grown up on (acting). I've always had my kids there, in hair and makeup, just always around the sets. They've worked on sets," the actor said.

The Mission Impossible star said he attended Connor's audition for Seven Pounds and it was "a great father-son moment" for him.

But unfortunately Cruise said that he had to be shooed away from the room by the director.

Cruise said he has done role playing games with his children and they have watched him developing characters at home.

With Connor's mother Nicole Kidman also starring in the Baz Luhrmann's Australia, the extended Hollywood dynasty is dominating the box-office this festive season.

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