Dec 20, 2008

Lifestyle - What every woman wants is love

New Delhi, Dec 20 (IANS) A simple recipe to win a woman's heart is to give her loads of love. A recent survey revealed that 77 percent of women believe that their perfect man needs to be romantic and not rich.

'The Indian woman is honest and forthright with her feelings. While the survey reinforces the fact that she still believes in one true love, it also emphasises that she knows her mind, what she wants and knows how to get it,' said ad man Piyush Pandey.

The survey, carried out by cosmetics brand Ponds, also revealed that 56 percent of women believe their true love would be the one who would get along well with her family and just 15 percent of women rate physique as an important quality in their man.

'A woman is expected to blend with her in-laws' family and she does it efficiently. At the same time she also expects her would-be husband to share great bond with her parents and siblings,' Lakme's model Vipasha Aggarwal said.

Still, the most important ingredient of a successful relationship is love and women look for a combination of intelligence, humour, understanding, caring and romance in a man.

According to model-turned-actress Dipannita Sharma, her man should be a diehard romantic, with a good sense of humour and should understand her well and accept her the way she is.

For model Amanpreet Wahi love was the last thing in her mind till it actually happened and now she believes that it was a gift from God.

'It has been five years since I met my man - Raghav Narula. That time love was not my priority, but it just happened and today I feel that he fell in my lap from nowhere and filled my life with happiness,' Wahi told IANS.

'He is a simple man, yet he is special because he knows how to respect a woman and this is his best quality. Apart from this he is fun loving, honest, polite and of course good-looking,' she added.

She fondly remembers the day when Raghav proposed to her on the phone and rates that day as the most romantic day of her life.

Ponds brand ambassador Priyanka Chopra believes that true love will come calling; it is just a matter of time and so one has to be patient.

'I have always believed that true love will find you and so will the right man. Make sure that you do not close your mind to possibilities and do not work on the 'he-must-be-like-this' list,' Chopra said.

Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bansali's 'Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam' had girls swooning over the quiet brooding character played by actor Ajay Devgan - a man who loved his wife to the extent that he willingly took her back to reunite with her first love.

Though it may sound crazy, Rupa Sehgal has a similar tale to share. 'At the time of my marriage I felt dead inside, unable to feel anything for the man whom I was marrying. But in the years that followed I saw my hubby loving me selflessly. From him I learnt that true love never asks for sacrifices, it gives,' Sehgal explained.

Not many women believe in the power of money when it comes to love.

'A rich man may have money to shower his woman with expensive gifts, but if he isn't sensitive enough to know how to woo the lady, his expensive gifts aren't worth anything,' said Suchita Verma.

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