Dec 19, 2008

Lifestyle - Now, mums-to-be can share their babies' 'kicks' on Facebook!

Melbourne, Dec 18 (ANI): Mums-to-be will now be able to share the exciting feeling of the little feet kicking inside their wombs with their friends on social networking sites like Facebook - courtesy stretchy pregnancy belt.

The Kickbee belt was developed by PhD student Corey Menscher, of New York University after his wife became pregnant.

However, the belt is still in the prototype stage.

It uses sensors to track the movement of the fetus in the womb that will allow expectant mothers to automatically post daily progress reports of their child on the Internet.

It sends a signal to a computer every time the baby moves, with a message such as: "I kicked mummy at 11.38am."

The sensors on the belt generate a small electrical current when tapped or vibrated by a baby's movement.

The microcontroller in the belt transmits the signal directly to the website using wireless Bluetooth technology.

"As a baby grows inside the womb, pregnant mothers are constantly aware of its presence, mostly through its movements," the CourierMail quoted Menscher as saying.

"As an expectant father, I wanted to create a device that would give me a chance to be aware of our baby's movements.

"With the Kickbee, I intend to extend a baby's minute contact with the world beyond the mother's body by sensing these movements and transmitting them," he added. (ANI)

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