Dec 18, 2008

World - Dawood was involved directly in Mumbai terror strikes: Russia

Russia believes that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim was directly involved in November 26th terror strikes in Mumbai which killed 195 people, according to reports.

"The inputs testify that infamous regional drug baron Dawood Ibrahim had provided his logistics network to prepare and carry out the Mumbai terror attacks," Victor Ivanov, director of Russia's anti-narcotics service said during an interview in a Russian daily.

Inav added that super profits of the narco-mafia through Afghan heroin trafficking have become a powerful source of financing organised crime and terrorist networks, destabilising the political systems, including in Central Asia and Caucasus.

There are also reports quoted by Pakistan President Asif Zardari in an interview that the Russians had tipped off India about an impending attack. Indian officials refused to comment either on Dawood or the tip-off, saying certain things were better not made public until the probe into the Mumbai terror attack was over.

Combating terror in the aftermath of the Mumbai carnage was discussed threadbare at the two-day meeting of the India-Russia joint working group. Officials of the two sides had discussed the origin, timing and execution of the terror plot, but bureaucrats on both sides were tight-lipped about the proceedings.

Besides issuing a joint statement after the talks, there was no interaction with reporters

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