Jan 31, 2009

Fun -Lewis Hamilton 'upstaged' by girlfriend's billionaire admirer

London, January 30 (ANI): Lewis Hamilton was reportedly left red-faced after being upstaged in front of his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger by a Saudi Arabian royal.

The British F1 racing driver had apparently arrived at London's O2 to see his singer-love perform with her Pussycat Doll band - and unexpectedly received a big smacker for 50 red roses and a diamond necklace worth 100,000 pounds.

But it was a Sheikh who had sent the gifts to the lead singer of the American girl band.

"It was all a bit awkward for Lewis. He showed up and got an almighty embrace from Nicole to thank him for his gift," the Sun quoted a source as saying.

"He had got her a pressie but it was something pretty simple and he seemed a bit baffled by her overreaction.

"It soon became clear she thought the diamonds and the roses were from him, especially when she opened the card.

"They both saw the funny side - but Lewis will be upping his efforts next time," the source added. (ANI)

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Anonymous said...

Lewis Hamilton should win more championships and earn much more to keep his girl friend