Jan 30, 2009

Mktg - Net gets a matrimony channel

Pravda Godbole

Consim Info Private Ltd, earlier known as the BharatMatrimony Group, recently announced the launch of the first of its kind matrimony channel on the internet, BharatMatrimony.tv.

“Our customers have responded very well to the idea. We have lots of interesting things that people can enjoy. Our target is not only people who want to get married but also anyone and everyone,” Murugavel Janakiraman, founder & CEO, Consim Info, said.

BharatMatrimony.tv features informative and engaging videos. Tips on what should be worn for weddings, what’s in and what’s not, information about honeymoon destinations, celebrity wedding shots, video polls, success stories of married couples, trends and other other wedding-related information is put up on the channel.

In the video space, we see an opportunity to engage our audience and extend our leadership in the matrimony business. Video is a developing medium and it is as good as meeting someone face-to-face or watching something happening live in front of your eyes. Plus, there is no location barrier when it comes to a television channel hence we thought of coming up with something like this,” added Janakiraman.

It took the company close to two years and an investment of over Rs 30 lakh to launch this free service.

There are multiple advertising opportunities and Consim is still exploring them. Currently they have some graphic banners as commercials appearing in between clippings on the TV. The firm is waiting for the site to register more number of hits before they sell more ad space.

Apparently, the world’s first matrimony channel on the internet will be producing capsules covering news, events and developments in the world of marriages and, newer video clips in multiple categories will be added to the site on a regular basis.

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