Jan 29, 2009

Lifestyle - Women think more about food than sex

British women spend more time thinking about food than sex, a new report has revealed.

According to a study, which was commissioned by Weight Watchers, 58 per cent of women surveyed thought about sex at least ten times a day – while 70 per cent admitted to having far more regular fantasies about food.

Researchers also found that when not thinking about food, the vast majority of women in the UK were likely to be pondering their poor body image.

Of the 932 women interviewed, two-thirds said they were actively dissatisfied with their size, reports the Scotsman.

Zoe Hellman, a dietician with Weight Watchers, said: "Many weight-loss methods ignore the overwhelming effect of over-eating because of emotional reasons.

"Comfort eating because of emotional triggers, such as depression, stress or boredom, coupled with a lack of willpower, was identified by 64 per cent of women in the study as the main cause of their weight problems."

The report also found that 11am on Tuesday mornings is the time women feel is the best time to launch a healthy eating programme.

Three out of four – 75 per cent – of those questioned thought they would be in the right frame of mind to kick-start a healthy eating plan at that time.

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