Dec 3, 2008

Business - Conde Nast to shutter teen site

Conde Nast is throwing in the towel on

The teenage girl social-networking site, which launched in February 2007, will shut down on December 16, according to an e-mail sent to users Tuesday. Members who used the service to scrapbook were advised that "any flipbooks that you would like to save before this date, we suggest you print them," according to a report by MediaBistro.

The site, which reached a membership of about 300,000, originally centered on shared "flipbooks" that members could create using photos, videos, and other content. However, the site had difficulty competing with the likes of MySpace and Facebook, and morphed in January into to a set of distributed Web applications designed for existing social networks' developer platforms.

Together with the closure of message board, the magazine publisher appears to be funneling users to, the online arm of the publisher's teen title.

"The idea is that we're encouraging people to go to," a spokesperson for Conde Nast's CondeNet told MediaWeek.

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