Dec 4, 2008

Business - India;Men’s lifestyle magazine FHM offers content on mobiles

FHM (For Him Magazine), an international men’s lifestyle magazine, which launched its print and web edition ( in the country in 2007, is now all set to offer content from its Indian edition on mobile phones. The content will be targeted at all men who have GPRS-enabled mobiles in India.

The magazine has tied up with Mauj Mobile, which will source the content from Next Gen Publishing, which owns the licence to publish FHM in India, and modify it for mobile consumption. It will also help the publisher to distribute and push the magazine’s content on GPRS-enabled mobiles through various mobile operators in India.

Initially, the FHM content will be offered to mobile users in various formats such as images, wallpapers and mobile calendars on the mobile portals of various telecom operators and Mauj Mobile ( The publisher will also make available short duration videos, which will be specially developed for mobiles. FHM will offer 2,000 images and 400 videos on mobiles.

Consumers will be allowed to view or download the content. They will be charged Rs 10 per download by the mobile operator.

Speaking to afaqs, Girish Mallya, head, digital media and technology, Next Gen Publishing, explains the reason why they are offering FHM content on mobiles: “In 2007, we carried out research before launching the print edition of FHM in India. It clearly indicated that people are eager to consume lifestyle and fashion-based content on the Internet and on mobiles. We also got enough inputs from our international editions about the popularity of FHM content on the digital medium. As a result, we launched simultaneously with the print edition and now we are ready with mobile content.”

Mallya adds, “We also want to expand the number of FHM content consumers in India. Currently, the print publication is read mostly by people aged 25-40 years, while our website is popular among users aged 20-30 years. Now, we expect that mobiles will enable us to spread and widen our reach among people aged 20-30 years. The availability of our content on mobiles will obviously help us boost our revenue streams and also engage our target audience with the FHM brand.”

Dippak Khurana, head, content and international business, Mauj Mobile, reveals to afaqs!, “In the next phase, FHM will launch a mobile site which will offer news articles and images and video-related content. A mobile magazine version will also be unveiled, which will be available in a mobile application format and which viewers can download on their handsets. The application will enable users to view a 30-slide FHM magazine on their mobiles and check news articles, images and videos.”

Khurana adds, “We also manage the mobile content for other men’s magazines in India, such as Maxim, Man’s World and Gladrags. We have noticed that fashion-based content is popular among the youth. Each of these magazines receives about 100,000 image download requests on the mobile per month.”

Next Gen Publishing prints 95,000 copies of FHM in India. Globally, the magazine is owned by the Bauer Publishing Group, which is based in Germany.

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