Dec 1, 2008

Entertainment - Batman killed by own father in new comic

LONDON: DC comics' superhero Batman who breathed his last in the latest comic "Batman R.I.P." gets murdered by a man claiming to be his father, who
he thought was dead.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne, who by night is crime-fighting superhero Batman, is killed by Simon Hurt, the leader of the Black Glove organisation when he is stopped from escaping by the cape crusader, reports the sun.

Hurt claims he is Dr. Thomas Wayne (Bruce Wayne's father), saying he faked his own passing when Bruce was a child.

"This is so much better than death. People have killed characters in the past but to me, that kind of ends the story. I like to keep the story twisting and turning. So what I am doing is a fate worse than death. Things that no one would expect to happen to these guys at all. This is the end of Bruce Wayne as Batman," said writer Grant Morrison.

"Batman will live on though, with another character filling his Batsuit. Two likely contenders are Dick Grayson - the original Robin or current Boy Wonder, Tim Drake," he added.

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