Dec 3, 2008

Entertainment - Bollywood & number 555

Ashwini Deshmukh

Stars are known to usually have a fascination for particular numbers.In order to enhance their luck stars spell their names differently and also commence new projects on a particular date.Sometimes they even make sure that their car plates and phone numbers are in harmony with their favourite number.

For instance, Shah Rukh Khan has an affinity to the number 555. Even the star's family members, his entire staff at his Bandra residence Mannat and most of those who work in his production house Red Chillies have the number 555 as an integral part of their mobile numbers.

One of Shah Rukh's staff members who did not wished to be named said, “We all have the number 555 in our mobile numbers. In fact, the only difference between all our numbers is the last two numbers. All one has to do is change the last two numbers to call anyone who works for Shah Rukh.”

So is Shah Rukh superstitious about the number? “No, SRK is not superstitious about the number. It's just that he has always been particularly fond of the number. That's why he wanted all of us to share his fondness for the number,” added the staff member.

According to the source, more than 30 associates of Shah Rukh have 555 as a part of their mobile numbers. To cite a few examples, Shah Rukh's secretary, Karuna and Bobby Chawla, CEO of Red Chillies Entertainment also have the power of five.

When contacted, Bobby Chawla said, “There is no mystery to it. Shah Rukh is fond of the number, thats it. We had applied for the numbers and have had these for long now.”

Apart from Shah Rukh many other stars too have a fixation for particular numbers. An industry insider said, “Amitabh Bachchan's fond of the number 11 as his birthday is on October 11. A few of Sanjay Dutt's car plates have the number 4545. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan loves to collect currency with the number 786 while filmmaker Firoz Nadiadwala is also particularly fond of the number 786. Singer Sonu Nigam has always been attracted to the number 9.”

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