Dec 4, 2008

Entertainment - Brad Pitt Spills Clooney's Chippendales Infatuation

Jennifer Cady

Los Angeles (E! Online) – Brad Pitt must not have gotten the memo that this week is Britney's and no one else's. He can have next week if he really wants it, but this week is supposed to be all about Circus, revealing birthday dresses and people we haven't heard from in forever. (Ahem, K-Fed, and look Alli Sims! We're still waiting for Sam Lutfi to pop up somewhere...)

Instead, Brad's going around giving out charming quotes to everyone and stealing Britney's momentum. Here's just a sampling of all the fun Brangelina facts we've already learned three days into this week...

• On today's Ellen Degeneres Show, Brad reveals that the best way for Ellen to get George Clooney on the show is to send him "a bunch of Chippendales [dancers]": "He's yours...three, four—no less than three."

• About his irritating little 'stache, he tells Extra his goal is to bring mustaches back in style because he doesn't think they are "respected enough."

• And there's this shocker: Angelina doesn't cook. The only thing she's ever made him is cereal.

• He gets high from building people houses in New Orleans.

• Brad does not like to talk about his personal life except when he does.

• Paparazzi are uncool.

• Let's not forget either that he told us his kids will not be allowed to act until they are 18. Will he ever run out of information to share with us?

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