Dec 1, 2008

India - Security was eased just before the attack;Ratan

New York: It is “ironic” that extra security measures, taken after being warned of a possible terror strike, were eased just before the terrorists assaulted the landmark Taj hotel, Tata group chief Ratan Tata has said.

Talking to the U.S. news channel CNN from Mumbai, Mr.Tata rued that crisis infrastructure was “woefully poor” and the attacks revealed deficiencies in law enforcement, especially in areas of crisis response and management.

“We are indignant, but not scared,” he said.

Mr. Tata felt even these steps could not have prevented the terrorists from entering the hotel. The attackers did not come through the front door, where additional security measures were temporarily enacted. “They came from somewhere in the back... they planned everything... I believe the first thing they did, they shot a sniffer dog and his handler. They went through the kitchen.” — PTI

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