Dec 1, 2008

Me - 100,000 page views in over a 100 Countries

Hello All,

Hope everyone is doing good & are in the best of health.We crossed 100,000 page views yesterday.We have readers spread across the world in over a 100 countries now.

URL Fan which currently ranks the popularity of 3,783,534 websites by parsing 124,869,533 blog posts from 2,072,002 blog feeds ranks us at 67,469 ( Not bad,eh ;-) )

I hope all of you like the articles posted here.As i have always said , all the articles posted here are from publications across the world,the ones which i read & the ones which i have loved reading.

Do let me know of any new websites which you would like us to visit & post articles from.

Thank you all for visiting.Till next time enjoy your read!

Take Care


1 comment:

cparamesh2001 said...

Sri, Congratulations!!!!! I think the 67 K ranking in one month will move to within 50 K and we shall celebrate.....Regards