Dec 2, 2008

Mktg - Delhi roads to get new ad ambulances

Rohit Nautiyal

Outdoor can boast of being the only media that contributes directly to the building of infrastructure for public convenience. In recent times, snazzy bus shelters and hygienic public utilities have mushroomed, which are also used for advertising.

Now, Greenline, a Delhi based outdoor company, has entered into a three year agreement with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to provide 50 ambulances for the relief of victims of road accidents. The ambulances will carry advertising options for brands.

The victims will be provided free first aid and other emergency medical services (EMS). The ambulances will be placed at 50 crossings in Delhi, including South Extension, Moolchand Crossing and NH 8 near Shiv Murti. These will transport accident victims to the nearest hospital. A helpline number will be put up on the ambulances, which will help people to get in touch with Greenline.

The Greenline ambulances will provide advertising space on the driver's and cleaner's side. Greenline will pay the MCD monthly fees of Rs 10 lakh for the 50 ambulances.

The agreement, signed in September, will be renewed according to the performance of the company. Once Greenline gets the compulsory clearance from the traffic police, the ambulances will hit the roads of Delhi.

Raminder Singh, managing director, Greenline, tells afaqs!, “This endeavour is about combining business with a noble cause for the improvement of the city. We did not want to do out and out charity. This way, we will sustain the effort for a longer time.”

Singh also talks about the kind of brands that may be interested in advertising on an ambulance. “It will not be appropriate to market a soap using an ambulance. We will offer our media mainly to pharmaceutical companies. We will expect these companies to help us with EMS. It is an interesting social responsibility option for brands to explore.”

He adds, “Eight months ago, we made a presentation on these ambulances and showed it to the MCD, which liked our idea. Once an accident happens, the initial 60 minutes are crucial in saving a victim's life. This is where our ambulances will come to the victim's rescue.”

Singh was tightlipped about the revenue Greenline expects to earn from the advertisements.

For the record, Greenline, established in 1994, is an OOH company specialising in environment friendly street furniture. It privatised horticulture in India by launching Project Green Delhi, under which it greened 300 km of roads in Delhi and landscaped and beautified 10 flyovers, 40 parks, 38 islands and 18 roundabouts.

Greenline has also made overhead signages, ornamental railings, bus stops, public conveniences, fountains and solar panels for the Government of Delhi. The company has executed similar projects in Bengaluru, Chennai and Ludhiana.

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