Oct 18, 2008

Business - India;Parle Agro enters 100% juice category

MUMBAI: Entering into the 100 per cent juice category, Parle Agro has unveiled a new brand. Saint Juice will be available in three variants – orange, mixed fruit and grape.

Saint Juice is available in 1 litre and 200 ml SKU’s (stock keeping units). The 1 litre pack costs Rs 95 for the grape and orange variants and Rs 100 for the mixed fruit variant.

The 200 ml pack is available for Rs 20 for the grape and orange variants and Rs 20 for mixed fruit.

Saint Juice will be rolled out across India with a special focus on metros, mini-metros and the top three cities of every state.

Speaking at the launch, Parle Agro director Nadi Chauhan said, “Most juice brands do not communicate clearly whether they are nectar, 85 per cent juice or 100 per cent pure juice. Consumers are confused with what they are buying. Only 100 per cent juice is pure juice and has no added sugar, colour or preservatives. With Saint Juice, consumers don’t have to think twice as we have only 100 per cent juice and no nectars or drinks within our juice range.”

Parle Agro’s decision to enter 100 per cent juice is in line with the company’s vision to be present across all beverage categories. "Currently there are very few brands focusing on the 100 per cent juice segment. With our long standing expertise in the beverages industry, we have created a premium experience for consumers with Saint Juice,” Chauhan said.

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