Oct 17, 2008

Entertainment - India;Q&A Himesh

It’s a big day for HR.. the widely-publicised Karzzz (hey, those extra zzzs aren’t a misprint) opens this morning. So here’s Himesh Reshammiya talking with Vajir Singh who’s more nervous than the actor-singer-composer.

At 9 a m, he’s trying to fix a moody shower tap. Kick, tug, pull, bang. That mission accomplished, bath undertaken, he’s fresh as the proverbial daisy. Hi, hi. And see, he knows his fundas. Adore him or detest him, you can’t ignore the singer-composer-actor who had, in fact, started off as a producer of TV serials. Today, his buddy Salman Khan may be promoting Sajid-Wajid but if Karzzz turns out to be a hit, quite a few rules are likely to be rewritten in show biz. Star-packed enterprises are tanking, the Goliath actors are being drubbed by the Davids. Move over, Akshay Kumarji.

Himesh Reshammiya aka HR has no qualms about admitting that he wears a hairpiece (unlike another actor we know), or saying that he wanted to get a hair transplant done. And he’s more than aware that he isn’t exactly Tom Cruise or Rishi Kapoor. The man just believes no pain, no gain.

Unbeknownst to many, he can compose classical tunes and can pinpoint the details of every raag from another. His father Bipin has been steeped in music direction since decades.

Since childhood, HR has had the same set of friends. Today, they’re by his side. He believes in days which are auspicious.. and so today’s the big day for HR. Jhalak dikhlaaan jaaaan, way to go HR and now tell me:

What’s your state of mind?
Nervous, excited, you name any feeling, I’m going through it right now. I wish I could look ahead.. gauge the reaction.

So you believe that remaking Karzzz was a risky decision?
No no.. I’m not nervous in that sense. If you think I’m anxious about the prospect of my film making a profit or not, then let me tell you that the producer has already made money. Bhushan Kumar has sold the film to Reliance for a good price, he’s safe.

The way Reliance is going ahead and releasing it with a record number of 1200-plus prints, they’ll be safe too. Business wise, we’re safe. I just want my fans to accept me once again.. like they did with Aap kaa Surroor.

As many as 1200-plus prints only happens in the cases of the movies of the Khans. Do you believe that you’re emerging as a threat to the Khans?
(Laughs) Are you trying to put words into my mouth? See, they’re the biggest and the best. I’m small fry.. there can be no comparisons between HR and the Khans. I’m a newcomer, I’m just one film old. I was a music composer.. acting was just a hobby. I’ve made my hobby into my profession.

Please continue.
No one can offer the kind of combination that I do. Right from composing the music and singing, considered the soul of Indian cinema, I also act.

Since you’re a three-in-one, are you the highest-paid actor today?
There you go again! I get what I deserve. Now I don’t know if it’s more than the others or much lesser than them. I have no issues about money. So far, I’m happy with whatever I’ve been getting.

Are you trying to be evasive?
Come on! Whatever I do, you guys want to dig up a controversy. Why can’t I be the way I am? Earlier, it was said that I’m arrogant.. today, it’s just the opposite. You know I’ve become more sober.

Is that why you have been giving quotes that you’re ugly compared to Rishi Kapoor?
That’s true. Rishiji was and still is one of the best-looking faces that Indian cinema has ever seen.

But Karzzz is being promoted as Himesh Reshammiya’s film, sidelining both Urmila Matondkar and Shweta Kumar.
The original Karz was also promoted as the film of Rishi sir and Simiji. Even in the posters of old Karz, you’ll only see them. We have tried to do the same thing.. Urmilaji is there in all the posters. As far as Shweta is concerned, wait for the release, she’s a surprise packet.

Are you afraid that people will pan you if you fail?
I’m ready for everything. No guts, no glory. Maybe 10 per cent of the high society type didn’t like me in Aap Kaa Surroor but 90 per cent were with me. This time I’m hoping that all 100 per cent will be with me. See, the music has been a big hit. So HR, the music director and singer is a winner. (Smiles) Now, it’s the turn of HR, the actor.

You know, Pyarelalji loved the music of Karzzz and complimented me. I made Subhashji hear the music before releasing it and he loved it too. Now I hope that all the legendary actors of Karz watch our Karzzz and love our performances.

Are you playing a tapori a la Aamir Khan from Rangeela in John Matthew Matthan’s A Lovveee Storrry?
That’s what media persons are saying.I think I’m just playing a colourful person.. a Casanova.. a street guy.

Okay okay, since Karzzz has already made money, are you planning to organise a Tandoori Night bash soon?
Of course, I am. We will throw a bash.. the theme will be Tandoori night. The food served will be tandoori. (Laughs) I’m sure whoever comes for the bash will go home humming tak tana nana tandoori nights.

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