Oct 25, 2008

Entertainment - India;ADLABs rebranded as Big Cinemas

MUMBAI: Adlabs Films Ltd, part of the Reliance-Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (R-ADAG), has re-branded its Adlabs Cinemas across the country as BIG Cinemas, a top official said.

"Adlabs brand has now been replaced with BIG Cinemas. For example, Metro Adlabs will now be known as Metro BIG Cinemas," Adlabs Films chief executive Anil Arjun said.

The re-branding would come into effect from Oct 28, coinciding with Diwali, he said.

The new brand's signages, collaterals and promotional materials, designed by Singapore's Bonsey Design will reflect the vibrancy of BIG Cinemas, Arjun added.

Adlabs Films has 73 properties across the country, totalling 186 screens and 71,000 seats.

"The brand rollout for our 200 properties abroad, including the US and Malaysia, will also start shortly," he said.

He added that Adlabs Films would launch all its next level of cinemas under the brand name of BIG Cinemas in line with R-ADAG's aim to create one consumer entertainment brand, BIG.


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