Nov 8, 2008

Entertainment - India;Priyanka Chopra Talks

Prithwish Ganguly

Basking in the success of Fashion, Priyanka Chopra talks to Prithwish Ganguly about how she felt when she was going through a flop run

Priyanka Chopra has finally salvaged her dipping fortunes the box office. Piggy Chops was riding on bad luck all through this year with four back-to-back flops (Love Story 2050, God Tussi Great Ho, Chamku and Drona).

But Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion has finally stopped the dry run and put the limelight back on her.

In these good times, this model-turned-actor hasn’t forgotten how her heart broke every time she used to be told that one more film has nose-dived at the box office.

“My heart used to break every time I heard that my film hasn’t done well at the box office. I used to get affected every time I used to hear that (her film turning out to be a box office dud). I am happy that Fashion has become such a huge hit but I haven’t got over those feelings yet. Fashion was my fifth release and I had a lot of responsibility as the solo lead,” she told After Hrs.

“Honestly, I had thought that Drona and God Tussi Great Ho would work well (at the box office). Some of my earlier films were released back-to-back and they
didn’t do well. Now that Fashion got a great opening and good reviews as well, it’s a sone pe suhaga situation for me,” she laughs.

The 26-year-old dusky former Miss World is also doing a special item number in Shah Rukh Khan’s Billoo Barber. We quizzed the actor on whether she would settle for a
de-glam image for a film post all the compliments that she has got for her looks in her earlier films like Drona.

“I don’t believe that if you take off your make-up, you become a better actor. You can look beautiful and glamourous and still act well. I dress up according to the character I have in a film. For example, in half of Fashion, I’m not wearing any make-up. I’ll take off my make-up if my role demands it but not to prove anything to anyone,” she says.

There are lots of promising projects for Priyanka to look forward to. She has been roped in by Ashutosh Gowariker for What’s Your Raashee? which has Harman Baweja playing the male lead.

She is also a part of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kameenay which will see her pair up with Shahid Kapur. But as of now, she is kicked about Dostana as she plays a character which is closest to her real self.

“My character in the film (Dostana) is very interesting. She is a very confident girl. I can tell you that out of all the films that I have done, this character is closest to what I’m in real life. I could relate to her throughout the film. I loved the script when it was narrated to me. It is extremely funny and the situations are hilarious. The film is about urban relationships. The Miami setting is just brilliant,” she signs off.

Watch out for Manish Malhotra’s swimsuit
Priyanka Chopra has worn a swimsuit in the movie Dostana. This is the first time she has worn a swimsuit on screen and she has worked on her body a lot.

The sequinned swimsuit she has worn has been designed by Manish Malhotra and it has a golden metallic finish to it.

She emerges out of the sea (like Halle Berry in the Bond movie Die Another Day) on the Miami beach where she had gone with her live-in partners (John and Abhishek). John and Abhishek pretend to be gay characters in this movie while both are in love with Priyanka.

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