Nov 8, 2008

Lifestyle - 10 things irresistible in men

Monika Rawal

Sense of humour
This one undeniably tops the list as most women find it irresistible when men are at their wittiest best. One of the biggest turn-ons, it also helps scoring over many arguments and thus is the top secret for a blissful conjugal life.

"Wit is a rare commodity, which reflects intellect and presence of mind. A good sense of humour also helps you and your partner avoid fights, as most of the issues are treated in a lighter way. Physical beauty may fade away, but a man must know how to keep his girl smiling forever," shares 26-year-old Kanishka Datta.

Hidden benefit : In case of an argument, women love being sardonic to their partners. If you learn to laugh that sarcasm away and do not react harshly, more than half of the spat moments can be avoided. And, may be, sooner or later, she will realise that she was just overreacting and will be thankful for your patience and love.

Clean shaven chest
Here comes an element of sex appeal that women find hard to resist. While waxing body parts used to be a female prerogative earlier, it has now become an accepted norm in men. Flaunting a clean shaven look and a dare to bare attitude is a sure bet to turn heads. After all, which woman will like to miss that peek-a-boo masculinity quotient that comes from unbuttoning the top three buttons of a man's shirt? Twenty nine year-old Garima Khurana, a Delhi based boutique owner states, "I find men with a clean shaven look super cool, sexy and more attractive to make love to. During those passionate moments also, you can enjoy his body's warmth with more pleasure."

Hidden benefit : In moments of passion, while kissing a man all over, women wish for a cleaner body that brings a smooth feel to the whole act.

Body art
Metro sexual males have changed the gender notions, as piercing is no longer associated with women alone. Women are equally turned on by guys who carry funky body art. Ankita Basu, (33) a Bangalore-based advertising professional recalls, "I thought men look horrible with piercing on any body part, but when my boyfriend got his upper lip pierced, it looked really cool. Not only did it enhance his personality, but even provoked me to get going for a tender lip kiss every time I saw him."

Expressing her obsession for tattooed men, Shipra Arora, a college student says, "A completely tattooed body might not be a fad, but I find men with a huge tattoo on either side of their neck or just near the abdomen, really hot. Moreover, the fact that men flaunt it overtly without any fears of skin show, wearing low-waist jeans and deep neck tees makes it all the more appealing."

Hidden benefit : Piercing done on moan zones such as the tongue, ears and belly button spices up the lovemaking act.

Toned body and six pack wonder
With the Bollywood brigade going gaga over six packs abs, women are drooling over the muscular look. Women confess that a flat chest or a flabby tummy is no more a turn on. Shaped thighs, well toned hips and a lean waistline complemented with visible six pack abs make up for a perfect package. Parul Sood, (39), a house-maker feels, "I find men with a well toned physique and in shape body an ultimate symbol of seduction. They score highly on sex appeal, personality and attraction quotient. Being in bed with someone with a ten-on-ten body makes all your sexual fantasies come alive."

Hidden benefit : A toned body is great to make love to and can give you an idea about the energy level of your man.

Hygiene lover
If you find impeccable cleanliness to be extremely feminine, think again! The fact that females are very particular about personal hygiene makes them seek men with similar attributes. Dr. Keerti Mehra, (43) says, "Men who are extra cautious about personal and surrounding hygiene appeal to me the most. Their desire to smell and look fresh all day creates a broader comfort zone."

Hidden benefit : Women love the feel good factor that comes from being hygienically safe. So a man taking showers, brushing teeth at least twice a day, wearing clean clothes and good shoes, besides smelling good are considered as the right pick.

Sweaty dampness
The wet and moist skin, be it after a warm shower or a shave, acts like an aphrodisiac for women, as it spreads a lasting aura. Rashmi Sinha, (30), a software engineer says, "It's a pleasant feeling when I kiss my husband after he's through over with his shave. I also enjoy giving him a hug right after a shower when his body is a little soggy, it simply adds on to the mood. Most of the times, it's during the wee hours that his sweaty body sensation tempts me and I just can't resist falling for him."

Hidden benefit : The get-wet sweaty sensation brings a similar feel that a couple enjoys during and after a sex session; where the body reduces heat due to ignited love hormones.

Flirtatious attitude
Stop suspecting your man all the time! Let him enjoy, flirt and hang out with other girls as most women feel that flirtatious behaviour in men is an enticing feature. Not only does it hint at a man's comfort level with women, but also injects a feeling of security because flirtatious men turn out to be more loyal to their partners. "Of course my man is not a commodity, but I love having someone who is open minded and liberal. So, I find it great when my fiancé flirts with my female friends. I do not see any harm being done to our relationship, rather it lets him come out of the closet and that's how I want my man to be."

Hidden benefit : Women know how to act smart! Allowing your man to be flirtatious is a clear indication for him that the same rule applies to his female counterpart.

Gelled hair
Many men think that the gelled hair look with long, untrimmed spikes is a turn on, but what women are looking for is neat hair. Furthermore, women find hair gel a complete add-on to get that cool dude look right in place. "I love the way some men sweep off their hair in a backwards direction with their fingers. The identical gap formed between the layers looks quite attractive and can easily woo a woman," says Amrita Bhanot, an MBA student.

Hidden benefit : While hugging or kissing, women love moving their fingers through a man's hair and the hair gel softens their hair further, making the act more passionate.

Tempting fragrance
Be it a nice perfume, a hair gel or an after-shave lotion, the way a man smells is the ultimate gratification. It immediately draws a woman's attention and is one of the few things that attract a woman in their first meeting. "I love to smell good, so I want men around me to smell good too. But more importantly, a good smell evokes my senses and I feel more attracted towards such a man. Such fragrances through perfumes or shaving lotions, add more flavour to romance as it kind of pushes you towards your man," feels Sarika Majumdar, (27), a PR professional.

Hidden benefit : Fragrances act as mood lifters and women are in love with certain smells, so men need not put in an extra effort; so the right choice of a scent can help.

Macho man
A man with extended sideburns, trimmed moustaches (optional) and a beard (goatee, French or just regular) is certainly the forever look a woman longs for. Though Gen X males are opting for an uber cool look, but there are still women, who find macho men charming. "I feel a well kept moustache is synonymous with 'a real man'. Even when men with moustaches start ageing, you won't notice any major changes in their personality and that's what I adore about them," says 43-year-old Sushma, married for 17 years.

Hidden benefit : It's 'a matter of pride' for women to be the arm-candy to a man who portrays a typical macho personality and has a distinct image from that of a metro sexual male.

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