Nov 8, 2008

India - Advani tries an Obama;To launch website

Mohua Chatterjee

NEW DELHI: For voters with questions or issues to take up with L K Advani in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP's prime ministerial
candidate is ready for a direct interaction with them from Saturday.

Advani will communicate with his voters, specially the young and tech-savvy, through an interactive website in both Hindi and English being launched by the BJP to coincide with his 81st birthday on Saturday. This would be the first Hindi political website in the country, pointed out the man behind the idea, Sudheendra Kulkarni.

In a first of its kind, where a prime ministerial candidate will be open to questions and online discussions, Advani plans to devote enough attention to it throughout his campaign period leading to Lok Sabha polls.

The website will be launched by former J&K governor Gen S K Sinha at the party headquarters here in the presence of top party leaders including Advani. In the interactive section, anybody can post their views or questions, which will also be a feedback for Advani, his office said. The website has been designed keeping in mind that India is progressing rapidly in technology, a lot of young people are tech-savvy and young voters are important for the party.

"The idea is to project Advani as a PM candidate in the most innovative and creative manner for the voters. Also, we want to create a platform for media, to access all information about his campaign," explained Kulkarni. "We will also collate the ideas and views that come in from young people as feedback for Advani," he added. The opening page of the website shows Advani pitching for a "strong, self-confident and prosperous India".

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Anonymous said...

It is regrettable that the octogenarian leader with nearly six decades experience in Indian political conditions,has decided to ape a young, coloured aspirant to US presidency.He was young and wanted to live upto the expectations of the youth who prefer "Change".Here,a grandpa is yearning to become the PM with the active support of the youth!The election results only will show as to who carried whom on his shoulders!