Jan 10, 2009

Business - YouTube has helped people earn six-figure salaries

Washington, Jan 9 (ANI): Video sharing website YouTube has always been seen as a recreational site, but now it has been revealed that it has helped some people earn a six-figure salary off it.

Michael Buckley, 33, is one such person who says that he has been able to earn his six-figure through the site.

"Uh, I do well," CBS News quoted him as saying.

"I make over six figures a year," he said.

His high-energy, two-minute show "What the Buck," a play on his last name, is the product of a 2,000 dollars camera, a pair of work-lights and a 6 dollars backdrop. The show averages 200,000 hits an episode.

"I just wanted to create my own vehicle and I did," he stated.

Last year, YouTube invited its most popular, most-watched contributors to partner with them by adding banner ads to the bottom of video clips.

For every one thousand hits, advertisers pay 15 to 20 dollars. It's a fraction the cost of TV commercials, and they reach a more targeted audience.

Buckley's show ranks number eight on the Web site, and he believes that the Internet is the only way he could have made it big.

"I do believe so," Buckley said.

"I do believe that ... the Internet was my route to any sort of success," he added. (ANI)

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