Jan 10, 2009

Tech - World's most expensive sewing machine with a price tag of $9k to come to UK

London, Jan 10 (ANI): The world's most expensive and high-tech sewing machine with an in-built video camera is set to hit the British market.

After taking the consumers by storm in America, Brother, the technology company, is set to launch the 9,000 dollars Quattro machine in British market.

The high-tech sewing machine has a tiny camera just above the needle and zooms in while sewing. It then displays the live picture on a screen on the main body of the machine.

According to the company, the camera helps to sew more accurately. It can sense the edge of the fabric more accurately than the naked eye, and can even programme the machine to sew a seam automatically.

"It's like your mother's Singer on steroids," the Telegraph quoted Michelle Gilmartin at the company as saying.

Brother insists that despite the economic downturn, there are plenty of people who wanted to invest in the machine.

"We were nervous when we introduced it, but we were shocked by how many orders we received," said Jane Mellinger, director of education at Brother.

"This is not for first-time sewers. But some people have realised they can use the machine to make some extra money by creating their own gifts or clothes," she added. (ANI)

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