Jan 8, 2009

Entertainment - India;A new host on Oye! It’s Friday?

The rumour mills are churning out tales of Farhan Akhtar being replaced by Karan Johar as host of Oye! It’s Friday.

Reportedly, the channel is neither happy with the show’s TRPs or Farhan’s performance. Also, Farhan’s alleged tinkering with the gags and his reluctance to take dig at his Bollywood friends hasn’t gone down well with the other team members.

It has been heard that in an attempt to boost their sagging show, the channel has decided to rope in Karan Johar as the host. It must be noted that Karan Johar is on the board of NDTV Imagine and his Dharma productions holds a stake in the company.

Refuting that Karan is replacing Farhan, a source from the production informs, “Though, it’s still not clear who the new host of the show will be, I can assure you that Farhan is not being replaced. The format of our show is such that we’ll have a new host after every 3-4 months. As for the other accusations against Farhan, I think they are completely baseless and out of context. Farhan has never said a single word against any of our gags.”

When asked whether the channel is happy with the average TRP of the show, our source replied, “Honestly speaking, an average TRP of .8 is not good for a show of such magnitude. We are hoping things will change for the good in the coming months.”

Both Farhan and Karan Johar remained unavailable for comment.

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