Dec 1, 2008

Entertainment - Britney booed for UK flop show

LONDON: Britney Spears's attempt to make a glorious comeback with her performance at 'X Factor' show has been blasted by fans, who seemed disappointed with her for miming on the show.

Britney was not only booed for 'X Factor' fiasco but was also jeered for failing to sing during a personal appearance at GAY nightclub here, the Mirror reported.

The singer, who turns 27 tomorrow, was on a short visit to UK. It was her first performance in five years and was widely anticipated among her fans.

Thirteen million people saw her three-minute X Factor slot but ITV internet forums were awash with moans.

"All she can do is mime, and not very well," one angry fan wrote.

Britney's record label Sony declined to comment Sunday but a source later said, "She as always mimed it was all about the dance routines."

After her performance at 'X Factor', Britney went to GAY at Heaven in Charing Cross. But clubbers hoping to hear her sing were disappointed.

The singer didn't even get up onstage but waved to the clubbers from the balcony and blew out candles on a birthday cake.

Her spokesman later said, "She was never asked to perform."

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